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10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business

Follow these 10 points to boost your business’ success.

Find your niche

What are you passionate about? What doesn’t feel like work to you, but would to others? What could you potentially see yourself doing for a living long-term? These are the questions that you should ask yourself. Write your answers down. Even if you do not have all of the answers to these questions today, that’s okay. Simply asking yourself these types of questions boosts your imagination. 

Go the extra mile with your customer service

The rewards will be satisfying. Did you go out of your way to please a client? if so, ask them for a short testimonial, or send them a link to fill out a Google Review for your business. Reviews are an investment in your business’ future.

Leverage your existing customers

Did you build something for them, or provide a service? Don’t forget to obtain proof of your fantastic work. Take a photo, screenshot, record a short video, etc. You should begin building your brand’s portfolio on day one.

Hire wisely

As your business grows, you may find that you need to hire help. Adding someone to your staff is crucial for continued growth. However, they will be an extension of your brand, so hire wisely.

Carefully integrate social media to grow your online footprint

The key to growing your business after quality work is social media. You don’t have to be on every social platform, but your business should have an active presence on the major ones. What are the major social media platforms you may ask? Well, it depends on your business, to a degree. However, there are some that no matter what your business provides, it’s a must. The absolute “must be on” platforms are: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and X (Twitter).

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors

Once you’ve grown your business to the point that you have to hire employees, you should find a way to make them shining brand ambassadors. First, providing some free swag is always a moral boost, and if the swag isn’t horrendously ugly (a blank tee with an oversized logo is usually unpleasant to look at unless you have an interesting logo. A branded Yeti cup is always a winner, and it will most certainly be used religiously. I was gifted a branded Yeti from a stakeholder I worked with, and I use it daily.

Next, fun employee events are usually a winner (unless you are taking their Saturday). Make sure there is at least one person getting photos and video footage. Ask them to post it on their profiles, and also have someone getting video strictly for company use. Then, have it edited into a short captivating clip that can be used in posts and stories (and the company website to show potential future employees what the company culture is like).

Focus on your branding

Your logo, brand colors, tagline, and mission are your business’ calling card. You want these to be pleasant to look at, and instantly recognizable. Be consistent with your brand message across all mediums. Don’t confuse your audience.

Scale with sale funnels

Sales funnels, it sounds complicated doesn’t it? It’s not really. Whether you create a lead form on Facebook, advertise a contest, design a landing page on your website, or use something like Clickfunnels…it’s within the realm of possibility even if you are not a web developer. However, if it’s still overwhelming hiring a small agency like myself would be the easy solution.

Use your data to uncover new opportunities

Once you’ve been in business for a few months you’ll have demographic data! This data is very important. If you have a website, you should also have Google Analytics 4 connected to it. Google Analytics gives valuable user data that you can use to tweak your online content, and potentially use that data to advertise more effectively.

Stay Focused on Your Core Strengths

By staying focused on your core strengths you are not putting yourself into a vulnerable position. You may be wondering what I mean here. 

Sears Roebuck and company logo

Remember when Sears catalogs were the ultimate shopping bible? When “Craftsman tools” meant quality in your toolbox and “Kenmore” stood for reliable appliances? Now, that image seems as dusty as those old catalogs. While once the go-to store for suburban America, Sears stumbled as nimble competitors like Walmart, Target, and Amazon swept in.

Sears didn’t just stand still; it dabbled in everything from insurance to real estate, like a lost shopper wandering aisle after aisle. Yet, a winning formula remains elusive, leaving the company paired with Kmart in a kind of “faded-glory holding company.” Could a web strategy be the life raft they need as physical stores continue to vanish? Analysts think so, but the question remains: can Sears navigate the digital waters before the tide goes out completely?

Here’s what changed:

  • Missed the move online: While competitors embraced the digital revolution, Sears clung to brick-and-mortar, even as malls became ghost towns.
  • Brand identity crisis: From tools to insurance, Sears lost focus, confusing customers and diluting its once-powerful brand.
  • Innovation lag: Stuck in the past, Sears failed to adapt to changing consumer preferences and the rise of private label brands.

Can Sears make a comeback? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: the once-mighty retailer needs a serious makeover to reclaim its place in the modern shopping landscape.

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