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  • Surveys found that 38% of respondents use social media less often than they used to because of data privacy concerns, and 36% said they had removed a social media account.
  • 31% of respondents were “not at all confident” in social media companies’ ability to protect their data.
  • 73% of participants believe that organizations gather their personal information without their knowledge.
  • 77% of Americans have little to no trust in social media leaders to admit mistakes or take responsibility for data misuse publicly (Pew 2023).
  • 89% express substantial concern about how social media platforms gather personal information on children.
  • 67% of users claimed to know little to nothing about what companies do with their data in 2023.
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Data Hygiene is Important

Identity Theft

Identity Theft Statistics

  • The FTC received 5.7 million total fraud and identity theft reports, 1.4 million of which were identity theft cases
  • Government Documents or Benefits Fraud tops the list of identity theft types with 395,948 reported cases
  • Georgia reported the most identity theft cases
  • The median loss of fraud cases for victims is about $500
  • Total losses are estimated to be $10.2 billion

Data Brokers

These are the companies that store and sell your data.

People Search Websites

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Social Media Accounts

Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, X (Twitter), Dating Websites, and more!

Media Storage Accounts

Imgur, Youtube, Vimeo, and more!

Payment Accounts

Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, and more!

24/7 Security

Don't worry about that old account from 10 years ago. You won't have to worry about future employers, or even relatives finding it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Data Brokers?

There are an estimated 4,000 data brokers in the world today, but most of these are small companies with a limited area of coverage. Some of the major players in the data broker industry include:

  • Epsilon Data Management, LLC – A data-driven marketing company that offers personalized marketing solutions based on consumer data and behavior.
  • Experian Information Solutions, Inc – One of the three major credit reporting agencies, Experian also provides consumer data analytics and marketing services to businesses.
  • Equifax, Inc – Another major credit reporting agency that collects and analyzes credit and financial data to provide credit reports and other financial services.
  • TransUnion – The third major credit reporting agency, TransUnion collects and analyzes consumer credit and financial data to provide credit reports and other financial services.
  • Acxiom, LLC – A data broker that specializes in collecting and analyzing consumer data to provide targeted advertising and marketing solutions.
  • CoreLogic, Inc – A data analytics and consulting firm that provides property information and analytics for the real estate, mortgage, and insurance industries.
  • Oracle data cloud – A division of Oracle Corporation that specializes in data-driven advertising and marketing solutions using their vast database of consumer information.
  • Datalogix – A data broker that collects consumer information from online and offline sources to create marketing solutions for advertisers.
  • Infogroup – A provider of business and consumer data, marketing analytics, and lead generation services for businesses.
  • IQVIA – A healthcare data analytics and consulting company that provides insights and solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

In order to remove yourself from data broker sites, you’ll have to look up data brokers operating in your area and send individual opt-out requests to each one. This is where Acadiana Marketing Solutions comes to the rescue! We can handle all of this for you.

Data brokers acquire consumer data by scraping the internet for publicly available information such as social media profiles and public registries or buying it from entities such as other data brokers and credit card companies.

People search sites are a type of data broker. You will have to look up your name in any popular search engine and send individual opt-out requests to each people search site that comes up in the results. We can also handle these for you.

The things we do throughout the day give businesses access to information about our habits, tastes, and activities. Businesses know that this information is valuable. In fact, companies known as data brokers collect information about us and sell or share it with others. People search sites are a type of data broker.

To build a report about you, people search sites may buy information from other data brokers, collect information from social media profiles that are public or viewable by everyone, and compile data from federal, state, and local government public records.

Information from public records may include

  • property records
  • driving records
  • voter registration information
  • criminal records, civil actions, and judgments
  • birth, marriage, divorce, and death records
  • professional licenses, like those for pilots, doctors, lawyers, or architects

If someone has just one piece of information about you, like your name or phone number, they could buy a report that tells them a lot about you, like

  • your age, date of birth, and gender
  • other names you’ve used
  • your current and previous addresses
  • properties you’ve bought or sold
  • your marital status
  • your education and employment history
  • criminal records and civil records including bankruptcies, liens, and judgments
  • the name and address of your family members

People buy these reports for many different reasons: some might want to find an old friend, look up a potential love interest, or connect with a neighbor.

But some people, like survivors of domestic violence or stalking, may not want anyone to find out where they live, or the name and address of their family members. Most people search sites have a way for you to tell them to stop selling your information. That’s also called opting out.

People search sites will let you opt out of sharing certain types of information, like your address or phone number, but not other information, like sex offender status. There are two ways to opt out of people search sites:

  • do it on your own, one by one, for free, or
  • pay a service to opt out for you (like us)

After you opt out, the people search site will stop selling your existing information.


When you hire us to clean up your online reputation, it is a one-time fee. Once we have restored your online privacy, our business is complete (unless you want to hire us for another service, of course).

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