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What is a Brand Audit?

A brand audit is an in-depth analysis of how your business is performing online. If you’ve been in business a while, but do not have a full-time marketing specialist, your online brand probably needs improvement. A brand audit performed by a professional marketing agency will show you where your brand ranks online, reveals your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth/expansion, and an overall look at how you are doing (SEM). Audits are recommended to be done annually, but new businesses may want a semi-annual audit to ensure they are headed in the right direction from the start.

What are the elements of a brand audit?

An exhaustive brand audit can also include a marketing audit. However, a basic brand audit will include many of the following topics:

  1. Social Media Analytics
  2. Website Analytics
  3. Sales Data
  4. A Review of your Target Demographics
  5. A Look at your Competitors
  6. Finally, a plan of action

An exhaustive brand audit includes all of the basic audit items, plus many of the following topics:

  1. External Marketing items such as your logo, brand colors, brochures, advertisements, letterhead, business cards, etc.
  2. Conduct Customer Surveys
  3. Conduct an internal staff survey
  4. Finally, a plan of action and a review of progress after some time has passed

So, as you can see these in-depth looks at your business are vital to your continued success and growth as a brand. Acadiana Marketing Solutions offers a free basic brand audit and consultation, so what are you waiting for? Schedule yours today!